Famous Saint Lucians

St. Lucia is a small Island found in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean. It is a windward Island that is bordered by the Northern Atlantic Ocean on one side but is in the Caribbean Sea too. The island has a population of over 174,000 people who are mainly from African descent. There are people from other ethnic backgrounds as well but in a smaller percentage, such as Carib, British, East Indian, European and a number of mixed nationalities as well.


There are a number of famous people who were born in, or born and lived in St. Lucia for major part of their young lives. As a matter of fact the Island is said to have the most famous people per capita coming second only to Faroe Islands. These individuals range from actors, to poets and authors as well. One famous actor who is a St. Lucian by birth is the butler in the sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bellaire.” His real name is Joseph Marcell and he plays Geoffrey in the show. He was born in St. Lucia on the 18th of August 1948.


Nobel Laureate, Sir Arthur Lewis was also a St. Lucian. His contributions were in the field of economics and he was the first Black person to win a Nobel Prize in a category apart from peace. Another Nobel Laureate who hails from St. Lucia is Derek Walcott. He was born in the town of Castries in the year 1930. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.


Donny B. Lord is also a St. Lucian. The author is well known for his role in “Final Shot the Hank Gathers Story”. His mother was a professional dancer and his father William A. Lord- Butcher is political strategist. Donny B. Lord started his acting career while he was just 7 years old with ads for Footlocker, Pepsi and Cheerios.


Other famous people from St. Lucia include Winston Branch who is a painter that was born on the Island in 1947, there is also the cricketer Daren Sammy and the athlete Levern Spencer among others.