snorkeling amongst a shoal of fish in saint lucia

Even the least adventurous amongst you can enjoy the underwater world around the Caribbean islands with a snorkel , goggles and flippers. You don’t have to be a diver or go deep to see a surprising array of sea life and corals. Discover the joy of drifting around in the warm water in calm bays and harbours  spying on the life below or being a bit more active and dropping down to be amongst the fish.

This is a video we took of the fish underwater:

I Can’t dive very deep as my ears won’t let me so the images are all taken within 4 metres of the surface,  and the fish seem used to outsiders invading their realm. I am also no great photographer but the images are just to give you an idea. If I showed you everything there wouldn’t be anything left to see when you come to saint Lucia.

Snorkeling between the pitons, Saint Lucia:

Best of all it can be done almost anywhere and for free as all the resorts I know will lend out snorkelling equipment for nothing and it doesn’t require any training beyond a 90 second demonstration.

Remember to snorkel safe, watch for boats ( use flag buoys) , stay in groups and protect yourself from the Sun with a T shirt and wear flippers or water shoes to keep feet safe from sharp rocks and sea urchins.