Derek Walcott Square

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The Derek Walcott square in downtown Castries

The Derek Walcott square is located in the heart of Castries, the Capital of Saint Lucia and was established in the 1760's.

This 2 Acre public square is bounded by Bourbon, Brazil, Laborie and Micoud Streets. The square is not only to honour Sir Walcott but the square also pays homage to residents who lost lives in battle during the war. 

It was previously called Place d’ Armes and Pomenade Square and it was named Columbus Square in 1892. 

Below: In 1993, it was renamed after our Nobel Laureate in 1993, Sir Derek Alton Walcott. He received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature. 

The park is a quiet oasis in the middle of the bustle of Castries and is surrounded by things to see and do.

Where is the Derek Walcott square?

It is located near the centre of downtown Castries well within walking distance of many other sights.

What's the best way to see Derek Walcott Square?

You can park on any of the surrounding four roads if you have driven there but the park must be entered on foot.

What to see:

The square features a monument to locals who lost their lives in the war, a placard with Sir Walcott’s literary accomplishments and let’s not forget the huge “Samaan” tree which is said be over 400 years old, St.Lucians call this beauty the “Massav Tree”.

Below: The huge Samaan tree.

There are two busts in the square , one of Sir Derek Walcott and the other of Sir Arthur Lewis, both Nobel prize winners.

The walls feature artworks from Dunstan St Omer and there is a fountain and a bandstand.

What to see nearby:

To the west corner of the square you will see the Central Library and to the east corner you will see the magnificent Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the oldest cathedral in the Carribbean.

Then there is the King George the 5th (V) Gardens, Government house and the St Lucia Folk Research Centre.

The bustle of the Castries Market is not far away.

All these places are within half a mile of Central Castries.

Restaurants available near the square:

If you get hungry while taking in view, no need to panic there are plenty to eat and you don’t need to walk that far.

  • Big Appetite – known for their famous and delicious chicken rotis.
  • Balcony – where you can have seat on the veranda and admire the square from a different angle.
  • Pink Plantation house -Caribbean food , Vegetarian friendly.
  • Church’s Chicken.
  • Blue Monkey Cafe.
  • Ferrands Diary Ice-cream- locally made ice-cream and different frozen treats.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Near the Sir Derek Walcott square also offers banking facilities. Royal Bank of Canada and First National Bank.

If you are feeling the St.Lucian style in fashion you can also shop after viewing the square: there are local boutiques such as Kaycees, Hobie International and Taxi, you won’t go wrong in getting a style that suit your taste.

To enter the square there is no fee so feel free to enjoy one of the main attractions in Castries Central.